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Founded in 2015, Destination Abroad, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, that provides young adults the opportunity to make a positive impact while traveling abroad. Our programs allow participants to experience the local culture through educational programs, experiential learning activities, and community service projects. Programs vary based on the need for the locality but the goal is to make a positive and meaningful impact in the community while facilitating cross-cultural exchanges. While our programs are open to all youth, our goal is to expose underserved and underrepresented youth to the benefits of world travel and global citizenship.





Ninety-five percent of humanity lives outside our borders — and it is critical to effectively engage with others outside of the United States. 


Technology has connected all of us from all across the globe.  Recognizing the importance of an internationally focused workforce and today’s global challenges, obtaining a degree is no longer sufficient. Employers expect graduates to have international experience and cross-cultural exchanges.  Studying abroad has become a critical component maintaining a competitive advantage and preparing future leaders.  Students need international experience to advance their careers and participate in the global economy and work together across borders to address global issues.


It is imperative that global cultural immersion opportunities are open to students who have been traditionally under-represented in study abroad programs. DESTINATION ABROAD focuses on recruiting youth from underserved communities including, but not limited to  first-generation college youth, students from low income families, and students with a history of overcoming adversity.

DESTINATION ABROAD has three core programs that serve as the pillars of all program initiatives. Each Destination Abroad program will include cultural immersion, socially responsible travel, and a community service project. Programs are open to all demographics but will have an emphasis on identifying and including under-served and under-represented populations in the US.




Program Length: (1 – 2 weeks) 


Initiative: Young Black Male Initiative


Students who travel gain a different perspective.  They learn a deeper understanding and respect for diverse cultures and begin to appreciate others that do not look like them.  Global experiences not only promote dialogue and enhance cross-cultural sensitivities but also provide a new perspective on one's own country.



The number of students of color studying abroad represents just about 1 percent of all students enrolled at institutions of higher education in the United States and under 10 percent of graduates.


Cross-Cultural Exchange

International Travel

Cultural Immersion


Socially Responsibility

Global Citizens

Cultural Competency

Experiential Learning

Exposure to Different Languages